There are any number of reasons that a person may have for owning and training with a firearm; personal defense, competition shooting, sports shooting, hunting, target shooting, recreational shooting, and the list goes on. The primary reason I took up firearms training was quite simple; to own a firearm is a fundamental right afforded to me by the constitution of the United States as an American citizen. That’s it. Plain and simple. All the other reasons that I may have for owning a firearm are simply personal reasons that I have taken the time to consider before purchasing and owning a firearm.

But why marksmanship?
I have passionately gravitated to pistol marksmanship training because of the fundamental skills and principles that are used. Just as with any type of marksmanship training, pistol marksmanship is a skill that can be developed over time and with consistent, continuous effort. Marksmanship as a concept can also be applied to life, business, sports, health, exercise, education, relationships and so on.

Life Often Imitates Art
As a side note, I realize that I cannot be in control of everything that goes on in life. Like an artistic endeavor, the artist plays a pivotal role in the outcome of the artwork. Practicing marksmanship fundamentals gives me a sense of gaining some of that control back. The fundamental principles and skills that are associated with marksmanship training, transcend the activity itself and can be applied across the board in many areas of life in general.

If You Choose to Do It, Why Not Try to Enjoy It?
I enjoy shooting with marksmanship in mind; to hit my intended target with bullseye accuracy, every time I squeeze the trigger. Of course, I don’t make it all the time, but that is why I keep practicing. I notice my improvements along the way, which makes practicing marksmanship that much more enjoyable. I pretty much have the attitude that if I am choosing to do something, I may as well enjoy doing it. Otherwise, within the context of marksmanship training, I am just wasting time, money and resources. I don’t know about you, but I don’t have a lot money to waste and I don’t enjoy wasting time and resources.

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